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KOERT - Reality is a childish flavour.
In REALITY, I wear a T shirt.

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27 December 2002link to this post
When the documentary The Woods smell of Shampoo first came out, some of its statements were considered preposterous. Over time the film has gained a certain luster. Often I get requests to send tapes or DVD's. I am not a shop and cannot comply with these requests. Instead, the film is temporary online in high quality DivX video format. . (sorry, this video is temporary offline for datatraffic reasons, email me a request and I will let you know when it is back online)
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30 November 2002link to this post
Yesterday was Buy nothing day.
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30 September 2002link to this post
Drift v. drift-ed, drift-ing, drifts
1: be in motion due to some air current. 2: wander from a direct course or at random. 3: wander about aimlessly. 4: be driven or carried along. 5: live irresponsibly or freely. 6: a flash film I have made for NPS short film online.
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18 September 2002link to this post
In the park next to my home is a fountain. I can see it from my studio window. Day in day out it sprays its water in the same boring fashion, no information in there. I connected this fountain to the cell phone of my secret love. The fountain now sprays high when she's in neighborhood and low when she's far away. It sprays wild when she is receiving many phone calls. Not spraying at all when her phone is off. Other people in the neighborhood think it's just a randomly programmed fountain, but they are not into ambient information like I am.
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03 August 2002link to this post
Fake blonde beauty and her extensive plastic surgery.
The bubblegum-and-lipgloss shades of Los Angeles celebrity.

Where the grass is always greener fitts this cheery pink color. Pleasantly (even unrealistically) optimistic. Which if studied closely proves blinding to the naked eye.

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04 July 2002link to this post
In my morningpaper, I can read the weather report as well as the stockquotes. But when I look outside my window I only get a weather report update and no stockexchange info? Could someone please fix this bug in my environmental system? Thanks.
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29 June 2002link to this post
Constraints often work as creativity pumps. 5k turns this into a design manifesto. They invite artists to build good websites but no bigger than five kilobytes. I have compressed the POP-UP Breakout game into 5120 bytes and added it to their anything goes competition. It can be viewed and voted for on their site along with the other entries.
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19 June 2002link to this post
The coming week, the Active cursor is part of the conference exhibition of Designing Interactive systems 2002 at the British Museum in London.

25-28 June 2002
The British Museum
Gt. Russell Street, London

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06 May 2002link to this post
Water tastes like water because anything as omnipresent as water will always taste like water even if it were Whiskey.