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22 August 2003link to this post
In the year 2030, I bought a future fish. One for my father, mother, brother and sister. One for each friend. One for my girlfriend.  They swim together in the big aquarium. Each fish is connected to the mobile phone of the person it represents. In the year 3020, I am a future fish swimming in a big bowl with my family and friends. We don't talk much, we swim around and show each other beautiful colors by shifting the color of our skin.
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06 March 2003link to this post
Hello, Mister Natural is on the phone. Trying to find out which of the following activities is the most unnatural and shoud be banned from our society. Please help Mister Natural.

Working in an office wearing a suit and tie.

Running in the woods wearing sneakers.

Writing a letter in the eavening using candlelight technology.

Building a dyke to protect yourself from water floods.

Genetic engineering of your dna to protect yourself from diseases.

Wearing a coat made out of the skin of a bear.

Eating a burger at McDonalds.

Mumbling a prayer asking your God for grace.

None of above.

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01 February 2003link to this post
Marshall Mcluhan quote #1
The ads are by far the best part of any magazine or newspaper. More pains and thought, more wit and art go into the making of an ad than into any prose feature of press or magazine. Ads are news. What is wrong with them is that they are always good news. In order to balance off the effect and to sell good news, it is necessary to have a lot of bad news.
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14 January 2003link to this post
Soon we will get another chance to vote in the Dutch elections. Most of us try to decide what to vote by collecting and weighting as much factual information as possible.  But the facts are often scattered, overloaded, or taken out of context. Doubt remains. The Zen Voting Strategy is an alternative decision strategy based on the quietness of watching TV.
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