Museum voor Communicatie, Den Haag Visitors enter a fictional square inside the museum. inside the room of speaking faces Emuu - an emotional character (christophe bartneck) The illusion collection wall 3d tromp l' oeil A visitor amongst on the square statues.
Bekijk het Maar! (See for yourself) is an exhibition in the Dutch Communications Museum, The Hague. The exhibition seeks to unveil the triviality of seeing. It is all about looking and being looked at.
A woman wearing naked Leader eyebaloon postcard made for the catalogue (Koert van Mensvoort) Spiderman The wonderroom: all the images of the world gathered in one room (Arnoud van den Heuvel)
Branding: The most expensive coat in the world (Silke Wawro) The upside down bathroom illusion (Vollaers Zwart)
A visitor inside the darkroom Hum, closeup (Jake de Vos) A visitor being looked at Talking heads TV documentaries Another picture of the square I never forget a face, but in your case, I will make an exception (Marx Brothers) The control room: looking and being looked at.