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July 2008
Opening lecture 'Media technology, it is only natural' at Media Technology Masters of Science Exhibition in Rotterdam.

May 2008
Presentation and organisation of the Biggest Visual Power Show 2008 in Los Angeles.

May 2008
Article You are here for Tag Magazine.

Dec 2007 - May 2008
Visionary in Residence at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, USA (included lectures throughout Southern California).

April 2008
Fictional product + essay on Organic Coke (also published in Volkskrant Oog).

Januari 2008
Some free time to return to my old passion of landscape painting. Things seemed to have changed in the Wilderness.

Januari 2008
Created Fake for Real, a Memory Game that playfully visualises the clasical theme of fake and real.

December 2007
Scientifically proven the Usability of optically simulated haptic feedback.

November 2007
Contributed the Corporate Alphabet to the Lovely Language Exhibition in Utrecht.

November 2007
Host and organizer of Paradise by the Laptop Light at STRP Festival, Eindhoven.

November 2007
Interview with Venezuelan magazine Plátanoverde (english transcript is here).

October 2007
Writen the essay Natuur 2.0 for the exhibition Designing Nature at MU.

November 2007
Hosting the conference You Google my Second Space, public library, Amsterdam.

Sep-Nov 2007
Sort of a Lecture tour.

May 2007
Beta version online for Powercursor, toolkit to design interfaces with visual force feedback.

March 2007
Jury member for Kunstbende.

March 2008
Online flash film Ball of Being premiered at Impact Festival, Utrecht.

November 2006
Participant in the exhibition Natural Habitat in Montevideo, Amsterdam.

June 2006
Presentation and organisation of the Biggest Visual Power Show 2006 in Zeche Zollverein (Germany).

April 2006
Co-written the scenario for typo film Beautiful World.

Januari 2005
Editor of the Next Nature Pocket.

May 2004 - July 2005
Guest curator of an exhibition on Visual Communication in Dutch communications museum, the Hague.

January 2005
Presentation and co-organisation of the Biggest Visual Power Show 2005 at Paradiso, Amsterdam (here is a video stream).

January 2004
Presentation of Stifo@Sandberg at International Film Festival Rotterdam.

December 2004
The Japanese TV show Amazing Mystery came to Holland to make a Television Item about the Datafountain.

December 2004
Cursor Interview about me, myself, my childhood play and why I don't need a profession .

November 2004
Lecture on Media and Reality at Dutch Communications Museum.

November 2004
Short film Amateurs showing at Floss.

October 2004
Datafountain, the global currency rates fountain, exhibited at Design Week 2004.

September 2004
Director of Shampoo Generation television broadcast for VPRO.

September 2004
Presenter of Lazy Marie Cinematiek, cinema evening Utrecht.

September 2004
My short film Amateurs broadcasted on VPRO Nachtpodium.

August 2004
500.000th visitors at

June 2004
Datafountain, the global currency rates fountain exhibited at 10 years Sandberg Design Expo in the Post CS building, Amsterdam.

June 2004
Shampoo Generation DVD released.

May 2004
Article about Next Nature, Nature changes along with us.

May 2004
Guest curator of Bekijk het Maar, exhibition on visual communication in the Dutch Communications Museum, the Hague.

April 2004
Presentation of work at Theater Het Klein, Eindhoven.

March 2004
Windowpoll, Design for cursor attracting buttons.

February 2004
Drift presented at Transmediale, Berlin.

February 2004
Presenter of Stifo@Sandberg workshop results at International Film Festival Rotterdam.

February 2004
First Five Rules of Interpassive Cinema.

January 2004
4holes4balls, a game for

January 2004
Start of Na ons de Mens, a project about Man in Next Nature.

November 2003 notedrop service reviewed in Deep Sites, a book on innovation in web design.

November 2003
Radio interview about Drift in the Teleac Radio series on Art & Technology.

October 2003
Presentation and co-organisation of the Biggest Visual Power Show 2003 at Paradiso, Amsterdam.

October 2003
Book publication of Lightning Chess paper in Visual Power News,
ISBN 90-6369-056-9, Bis Publishers

September 2003
Jury member of the NPS Webdance competition.

September 2003
Presentation of work in Stifo@Sandberg conference.

June 2003
Fish Bowl World commissioned artwork for Simulation Hall, TNO Human Factors, Soesterberg.

April 2003
Lecture about Interactive Storytelling Workshop organised by Mediamatic, Amsterdam.

April 2003
Jury member of the Mini Browserday, Amsterdam.

April 2003
Hello World, an Active cursor experiment in 3D.

January 2003
First publication of the Zen voting strategy article.

November 2002
Interview about Drift.

October 2002
Drift, dancer without a body, made for NPS Mixed Up released.

September 2002
Presentation of work at Zaplab, Man and Machine, Studium Generale, TU Eindhoven.

July 2002
Amateurs at Festival Boulevard, Den Bosch.

June 2002
Active cursor exhibited in the British Museum, at DIS 2002, London.

June 2002
Publication of What you see is what you feel paper ACM Press.

May 2002
Popup and Freeman featured on USA Television show Twisted list.

May 2002
Presentation at Nightmare on Webstreet, Magic Minds, Amsterdam.

May 2002
Jury member of the 6th International Browserday, Amsterdam

March 2002
Active cursor interview in Surf bulletin.

March 2002 surf lecture at Monkey new media lounge.

March 2002 low tech notedrop service released.

January 2002
Amateurs on a DVD released by the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam.

January 2002
Interactive works featured at

November 2001
Active Cursor rewarded with the the ISOC Award 2001 for best achievement in internet and the arts.

November 2001
Snout at Circus Maximus, Lazy Marie, Utrecht.

November 2001
Lecture on Perceptions in Illusion at the Day of Design 2001.

September 2001
Koert 90% image lecture at Broeikas, platform for applied arts, Deventer NL.

August 2001
Snout reviewed in a course on online cinema at the at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

August 2001
Popup wins Alt0169 award.

June 2001
From Zero - Installation with Frank Scheffer, Stedelijk museum, Amsterdam.

May 2001
Browserday item at the japanese Akiba TV.

April 2000
NEWWORK II - group exhibition at Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam.

April 2001
Het bos ruikt naar shampoo - Bonanza, VPRO television.

February 2001
U bevind zich hier, Television documentary for W139 television, Amsterdam.

April 2001
Active Cursor awarded first runner up at the international browserday competition in New York.

Februari 2001
Snout at International Film Festival Rotterdaml.

April 2000
NEWWORK - group exhibition at Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam.

February 2000
Freeman showing on Word magazine , New York

January 2000
Amateurs (short film) featured at the Danish Film institute, Kopenhagen Danmark.

January 2000
Generation X - short film, VPRO television.

December 1999
Amateurs (short film) at Circus Maximus, Utrecht.

June 1999
Game Set Match - group exhibition at W139, Amsterdam.

May 1999
Boycinema - group exhibition with Persijn Boersen and Michel van Duijvenbode at Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam.

February 1999
Amateurs played at IDEAL, postgraduate projections, Amsterdam.

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