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24 December 1999
I made a three minutes short film for the VPRO (Dutch broadcasting organization). It will be part of their twelve hour millennium television program "Hoe nu verder?"
The program consists of seventy three minute films which will be played repetitively in different contexts.
allemaal kijken!

Hoe nu verder?
1 January 2000
VPRO Televisie
Nederland 3

19 December 1999
AMATEURS is back on the big screen. 23th December at Circus Maximus, ACU in Utrecht, Netherlands and 14th, 19th and 30th of January at The Danish Film institute in Copenhagen, Denmark.

17 November 1999
Express yourself. You can now make your own NEWAGE PAINTING extern link. It is really easy, that I can promise you. (you'll get the best results when your screen is in 24 bits color)

1 oktober 1999
Monday 18 oktober, my short film AMATEURS will be shown by Popifilm in Nighttown theatre, Rotterdam. The film will be part of a program of young dutch film makers.

Nighttown Theatre
Westkruiskade 26
Time: 21:30
Entrance: f7,50

13 september 1999
I have seen.
So many things you would not believe. Design from the past, design from the future. Secondhand images, computerdialogs. Polygone landscapes, cables in the sky. Come Friend! Let's break some borders. Our moment is now. Holographic elephants with painted pixels for a skin. Anyway, it is such a fine day. Have you noticed what a BEAUTIFUL extern link it is?

8 september 1999
Building a gloomy film noir website for the friendly people of the PHANTAVISION FILM COMPANY extern link, was exciting.

15 august 1999
In the early fiftheenth centory, Jan van Eyk evolved western painting with the perfect expression of substance in his paintings. I chew over the prospect of material expression in our computer interfaces. I have been experimenting with a CHEWING GUM CURSORextern link If you feel my glutinous cursor is dirty, I got what I wanted. (shockwave required)

4 august 1999
My dear girlfriend, Patricia van de Camp, just graduated the Gerrit Rietveld academy. Congratulations Patricia! Take a look at the WEBSITE OF HER GRADUATION PROJECT extern link about the Amazon women:'We could not live like your women, we do not have the same costums'.

14 jun 1999
A browser on a bike. The bike becomes the mousepointer. Physical browsing!

7 jun 1999
While browsing my old backup disks, I bumped into an computer program I made back in 1995. It's a MS DOS based implementation of a simple 3D RAYTRACER ALGORITHM. Put some 3D objects, lightsources and a camera in a virtual scene and calculate the image. The C++ source code is included.

1 july 1999
Fiftheen filmmakers are invited for a film estaffete in the W139 EXHIBITION SPACE extern link. Every day, a new episode of is finished and presented. Come take a look! I am thirth in line.
The films will be broadcasted on W139TV

W139 Warmoesstraat 139 Amsterdam. From 3 july to 25 july 1999. Open wednesday to sunday from 13:00 to 18:00. Wrapping party 23 july 1999, 21:00. W139TV, every second en fourth friday from 24:00 to 1:00 on the Amsterdam cable TV channel A1.

12 may 1999
The IPO, center for user-system interaction developed a forcefeedback trackball. With this pointing device, a user can be guided to preferred cursor positions. We now have a demo that let's you experience this FORCE FEEDBACK TRACKBALL extern link, over the internet.

21 march 1999
Were are you in the world? Where I am it feels like SPRINGTIME. A Fresh flower is popping up. It's very fragile. You shouldn't play to much with it. (shockwave required)

12 feb 1999
"Stop this mess, let's make a movie!" Tree dudes grab their ultrasonic lasergear and give their best attempt at backyard movieproductions. The have NO ideas and don't know how to act at all. Surely it just takes good intentions, some hitech guns and a bit of coolness to make the next Spielberg film?