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18 May 2000
Romantic mood today. Quoting Jean-Jacques Rousseau:
Tell me, then, illustrious philosophers, of whom we learn the ratios in which attraction acts in vacuo; and in the revolution of the planets, the relations of spaces traversed in equal times; by whom we are taught what curves have conjugate points, points of inflexion, and cusps; how the soul and body correspond, like two clocks without actual communication; what planets may be in habited; and what insects reproduce in an extraordinary manner. ANSWER ME, I say, you from whom we receive all this sublime information, whether we should have been less numerous, worse governed, less formidable, less flourishing, or more perverse, supposing you had taught us non of all these fine things.

14 May 2000
Next Friday, the third BROWSER DAY is held in Paradiso, Amsterdam. Young designers throughout Europe (and beyond) present bold views and daring browser designs. Last year I babbled about the END OF THE BROWSERWAR.
This year I will perform the REALITY POLLextern link.

the 3rd International Browserday
19 May 2000
12.00 AM - 11.00 PM
PARADISO Weteringschans 6-8 Amsterdam
entrance fee: fl.25,-

8 May 2000
I LOVE YOU TOOextern link is my latest post-human painting.

3 May 2000
Is it an art exhibit? Is it a fancy fair? None of above! KUNSTVLAAI extern link is an untidy art fair with contributions from Groningen to Maastricht, Iceland to Africa.
I contributed a SPRINGTULIP to the one minute movie program.

06 - 14 may 2000
Haarlemmerweg 8-10
Entrance fee: f5,- or a one minute movie on a VHS tape.

11 April 2000
Our new mediated digital world is OK.. But somehow I am stuck with the feeling we are slowly leaving reality. Polling time: what is reality?

Reality is obsolete.

Keep it real man!

Reality is Paradise and beyond.

ONE plus ONE is TWO.

All is perception.

Reality is what we agree upon.

Death, agony and will to survive.

My family and friends.

Atoms and molecules.

None of above.

10 April 2000
The 20th of April, my fellow DESIGNER BABIESextern link and I will present NEW WORKextern link in a one night exhibition at the Sandberg Institute.

Sandberg Institute
Thursday april 20
Generaal Vetterstraat 76
Phone +31(0)20 - 5882405

21 March 2000
Since it is spring and all it is a fine moment for a SPRINGTULIP to popup. I made this 60 seconds video a year ago in my garden, while NATO was dropping bombs on Belgrade.

12 March 2000
Large television networks will be out of business, now that my POCKET TV extern link. channel has started. No?

12 February 2000
Today I surfed to WWW.GOD.COM extern link. I am not sure if I got a connection. Cyberspace is so much like the old world.

4 February 2000
FREEMANextern link is now showing on the classic internet magazine WORD extern link.

16 January 2000
Whoooo! SNOUT extern link is online. Snout is the elephant with the red spectacles. His home is an animated comic hangout.

10 January 2000
Ceci est ne pas une Pipe? In the postmodern world, things can be what you did not think they could be! My latest painting is about what MAGRITTE FORGOT TO SAYextern link.

1 January 1900
Will the new millenium capture us in a state of ultimate FREEDOM?extern link Let's hope not.