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4 december 2001
The fifth browserday is held today in Berlin. This years theme is Mobile Minded. Due to misplanning, I am unable to attend. I have an urgent meeting with my bathtub that could not be rescheduled. Had I presented there, I probably would have recycled my Bikebrowser.

30 November 2001
Good! My
ACTIVE CURSOR project got rewarded with the ISOC AWARD for internet and arts. The jury selected my project out of six nominees, all very different. One of them was Han Hoogerbrugge.We spoke about how the jury would have a hard time comparing our work and how we both deserved the award for our independent artistic activities on the web. In the end we decided to share the award in case one of us would win. con-
gratulations Han Hooger-brugge!
Rearranging the flowers into two bouquets is easy. Splitting up the award, with no disrespect, is a little more complex. Voices whisper chainsaw.

19 November 2001
The Dutch Internet Society has nominated my SLICK CURSORS for one of their prestigious awards. My Active Cursor project is nominated in the category best achievement in Internet and the Arts.
Although I first heard of the existence of this society and their prestigious awards when I received their nomination letter, I feel quite honoured already. Why so Koert? Tell mee right now whaa! Well, it has everything to do with the other nominees on their list.

10 November 2001
On the 13th of november, I will lecture on perceptions in illusion at the Day of Design. On the 23th of november, I will present SNOUT at Lazy Marie

Dag van het ontwerp
Tuesday 13 november 13:30
Workshop Illusion in perception
Auditorium Eindhoven University of Technoglogy

Circus Maximus
Lazy Marie

Friday 23 november 20:00
Begane Grond
Lange Nieuwstraat 2

24 October 2001
On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog.

2 October 2001
I think I can think, how can I think that?


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29 September 2001
What if your computer could predict where you try to put your cursor? Does such a cursor trajectory prediction algorithm.
exits? I aim to find a suitable algorithm using a genetic algorithm. You can help me evolve the algorithm. Donate your mouse movements by clicking 100 targets in the experiment.

24 September 2001
I am red robot.
I took over this site and got rid of koert. You will not notice the difference

16 September 2001
Next wednesday, koert presents koert at Broeikas.

Broeikas avond
19 September 20:00

11 September 2001
Thus, we have here a great loop of impotence: News elicts from you a variety of opinions about which you can do nothing except to offer them as more news, about which you can do nothing.

Quoted from Amusing ourselves to death by Neil Postman, 1986

6 September 2001
Robot Frank had normal vision in most respects. He could discriminate colors properly, was sharp-sighted and would easily notice even small motions. But he could not see objects! He couldn't take the colors and motions and edges that he saw and put them together to experience the forms of objects. The result was devastating.

Robot Frank was unable to select his doctor or family members from a group until they spoke. He was unable to identify family members from photographs. He could identify his own photograph, but only by the color of his miliary uniform. After closely inspecting a scarcely dressed cover girl, he stated that she was a woman because "there is no hair on her arm". This identification was most probably based upon flesh color identification, because he failed to identify any body parts. When asked to locate her eyes he pointed at her breasts.

14 August 2001
My Snout and its iconic language are reviewed in a course on popular culture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A Quote from the critique:

Increasingly, we are becoming accustomed to content, perspectives, humor, style, and dare we say values that cross cultural boundaries. Can it be long before an American adult suddenly sits bolt upright and suggests out loud that there is some difference between Islam and the Taliban?

You might want to click some more from the syllabus. I for one will incorporate it in my personal ad hoc education program.

10 August 2001
Last march, Active Cursor was awarded first runner up at the browserday competition in New York. I remember vaguely about an interview with the Japanese Akiba TV during which I felt completely zombied from jetlag. Their browserday item is found here.

Oh, and.. a few other perspectives on the browserday event are found here, here, here, here.

2 August 2001
Popup windows are known to attract a certain luster from incapable interaction designers and nervous venture capitalists. The popup game I posted two weeks ago stretches them to the limit. The piece immediately wins an alt0169 award
The jury honours the overtreffende trap van perfect gestileerde overtolligheid (perfect styled over the top superfluity). Popups and Website awards are all part of the same great loop of impotence that I sincerely love.

31 Jule 2001
Zen sickness can come from sitting in meditation, overloading the brain and eyes while immobilizing the lower body, of from spending a long day in front of the computer screen.

16 July 2001
Play Popup. My version of the classic breakout game is entirely constructed from popup window pixels. Enjoy!

1 July 2001
Over a thousand people voted for their button in my BUTTONPOLL. Thank you! The smooth and slow button turns out winner. My personal favorite, smooth and fast came out third. I expected a lot of conservative votes on the standard two state button. Guess not? Ofcourse you can still vote!

13 June 2001
With film director Frank Scheffer I collaborated on an interactive documentary about the American composer and Zen Buddhist John Cage. The result is on display in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Cage applied Silence, Chance and Indeterminacy as compositional principles in music. Good food for interactive documentary.

From Zero
8-30 June 2001
Stedelijk Museum

19 May 2001
Train approaching at 160 Mph. on a collision course towards you.