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DasArts, postgraduate school for performance Arts, hired me for some aid and abbet in their block on H U M A N M A T E R I A L M A C H I N E F A C T O R. The project is wrapping up now with open perfomances of the participating artists next Thursday and Friday. The event will be streamed in real video.

DasArts BL16CK
Thursday 25th and Friday 26th of April, 12:00 - 24:00
Haarlemmerweg 8-10, Amsterdam

Today I tried to surf WWW.GOD.COM Not sure if we connected. Cyberspace is so much like the old world.

The department former audiovisual of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy released a Tart DVD with films of its (ex)students. The DVD contains some utterly crappy, as well as some utterly fantastic films.
Although I was never a student at this department, my Amateurs is featured on the DVD in a special guest appearance. This silver disk can be bought in some Dutch shops as well as online.

Flyer about koert.

Next Thursday, koert presents koert at Monkey.

Monkey media lounge
Thursday 14 March 21:00
Plaza Futura
Leenderweg 65

High technology = low transparancy. Klad is a low tech webservice dedicated to managing your personal text notes. You can dump your memos and texts at klad and pick them up later. Use klad to write a novel or manage agenda, anything goes as long as it's plain text. Klad is free, there is no business plan. I made this little service with some friends.

There's no place like NONPLACE.COM

Technology is probably the second most widely accepted type of drugs in third century western societies. Less accepted than tea, but more than coffee, alcohol, hash, xtc, cocaine and smoking cigarettes.

My interactive works are featured on a site called pixelsweat.
I think it is great that I can access my works without having to click through this bullshit.

6 January 2002
Posters advertise King Kong as being 50 feet high. This is an exaggeration to help sell movie tickets. In reality, Kong was much smaller. For the scenes on Skull Island, Kong is made to appear eighteen feet high. Too small for the New York sequences compared to the giant skyscrapers there and Kong's height was changed to twenty-four feet high for those sequences. Most viewers of the film never notice the change in Kong's height.

21 December 2001
special christmas poll.


7 December 2001
A while ago, I engineered a TV program for the Dutch broadcaster VPRO. Reflecting upon the tensed border between media and reality and how to deal with that. Since you have missed the broadcast, Het bos ruikt naar shampoo can now be videostreamed on your demand as well.