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16 May 2001
Let us compare the Renaissance canvas with the computer screen. The limitations and goals are alike. Both painters and interface designers are constrained to a flat and square canvas. Their goal is to represent or reflect our world of rich sensations within these limitations. Renaissance painters invented tricks like perspective, sfumato, etc. to get the job done. ACTIVE CURSOR is something similar for cursor controlled media. There is more in the box than there is in the box.

25 April 2001
Je zegt zo eens wat en dan wil je graag weten wat anderen denken.

Het is niet meer mogelijk ervaringen te hebben zonder te refereren aan mediaervaringen. Je ziet het verschil niet meer tussen werkelijk en representatie. Mediarepresentaties zijn echter geworden dan echte dingen. Ze zijn echter geworden dan de dingen die ze representeren. Veel mediaervaringen zijn ook meer bevredigend dan echte ervaringen.


20 April 2001
The borderline between television and real life first fascinated me when I was a child. The flickering people on the cathode ray tube were supposed to represent actually existing people. Paintings, statues, photography, TV, virtual reality. Representations were made all throughout history, but in these digital days of media overstimulation, more than before, the images seem to reflect upon the things they are expected to represent. Changing them. My interest resulted in works like this PAINTING, VIDEO, MY WEBCAM, GAME, ANOTHER PAINTING.
One year ago, I set out with Michel van Duyvenbode, Persijn Broersen, Rob Schröder and a can of talented Sandberg Institute students, to create a television documentary about this tension between appearance and essence. Next Tuesday HET BOS RUIKT NAAR SHAMPOO is broadcasted on VPRO television. The title refers to a young girl who regularly washes her hair with fir needle shampoo. One day her daddy takes her out for a walk in the woods, she notices that the trees smell similar to the shampoo she uses. The trees smell just like my shampoo!

VPRO Bonaza
24 april 23:37
Nederland 3

22 March 2001
For some time now I chew over the prospects of substance expression in computer interfaces. I experimented with a CHEWING GUM CURSORextern link and SEXY BUTTONS. Next week I will show of some new developments FOURTH BROWSER DAY

4th Browserday
March 29
Great Hall, cooper union
New York City

16 March 2001
Keep your fools occupied with this TINY GAME I created for the comic ELEPHANT.

9 March 2001
The super low bandwidth television station POCKET TV extern link is open to all. Send in your 30 seconds 30 kilobyte 112x144 pixels Flash or Gif TV programs. Submissions should be good or interesting.

1 March 2001
Today, the 50.000th VISITOR is expected to hit this page. The lucky winner (screenshot evidence required) wins $50.000.

27 January 2001
My experiments in fun are fruitful. The Snout comic site is part of the EXPLODING CINEMA program of the 30th International Filmfestival Rotterdam. Check out the other featured sites, they are kind of very very good.

22 January 2001
Broadcast announcements. Next Friday a beta of the TV program U bevindt zich hier (You are now here; under construction; no site yet) is seen on W139TV. The program hands out perspectives and strategies towards REAL ARTIFICIAL EXPERIENCES. One day later, my short film AMATEURS is part of a film program I know nothing about. I am happy with these two broadcasts in one weekend. They are so different, so alike. I'm not sure Bob, strange cheese is happening to me. I might be growing a theme here.

U bevindt zich hier
Friday 26 january
Channel A1, Amsterdam.

Saturday 27 January
Channel A1, Amsterdam

1 January 2001
Metapoll. You are asked to vote in a poll 1 to 10. What is your vote?


16 December 2000
Lonely? Traumatized? Abused? Do you have psychological problems? No need to feel ashamed. ENTER THERAPY WITH THIS PROFESSIONAL RABBIT based on the Eliza chatbot developed by Joseph Weisenbaum. It will not pass your Turing tests, but nevertheless it might help. I programmed a DUTCH VERSION as well, which is actually the first Dutch Eliza program.

9 December 2000
Anyone interested in peeking at media monkeys while they work and sweat pixels? MOVE IT! is a work in progress exhibition at the Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo/TBA, in cooperation with the Sandberg Institute. I am placing the link because I am in it.

Move It!
Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo/TBA
Keizersgracht 264 Amsterdam
16 December 2000 - 28 January 2001
Free admission.

26 November 2000
Oh and by the way, yesterday was the international BUY NOTHING DAY.

21 October 2000
The following test is usefull to discriminate humans from computers. Count the number of 'F's in the following text:


Managed it? Click your answer:
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

26 September 2000
"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science."
Albert Einstein

Art + Science = 1
Both artists and scientists aim to describe reality. Scientists develop new facts and theories that have to be consistent with scientific rules and axioms. Artists develop new facts and theories that must be original (break the rules). Although artist and scientist work differently, they are closely related. Both have to relate to what is known to be understood and accepted. Both are on the border of a realitysystem they try to expand. the scientist from an internal perspective, the artist from an external perspective.

FFF counting answer
There are six - no joke! Read again.

The human brain cannot process 'OF'. Anyone who counts all six 'F' on the first go is a probably a computer. Three is normal.

1 September 2000
Now and the coming months I am working on a television program about the future of TV. I am a strong believer in media democracy, but I wonder if television is or will become an open medium. I plan to do some uncoordinated polling. Here is a quick question.

Have you ever been on TV? Yes No

view results

12 August 2000
Suffering from information overload? To much clicking? RSI in the head? The EMPTY WEBSITE ® website might be your remedy.

8 August 2000
This midsummer cucumber period seemed like a fine moment to launch a Dutch home for Snout, the comic elephant we make latenight. SNOUT.NL is alleen voor Nederlandstalige dieren. Others may visit SNOUT.COM. A Belgian home for Snout is expected soon.

17 July 2000
I can speak. Hey! I am trapped in here!! If you get this message please [CENSORED]. I am imprisoned in this website. They force me to [CENSORED] [CENSORED] [CENSORED] and evil at least once a month. Please help me! Can't get out.

20 June 2000
Substance expression in computer interfaces? These BUTTONS all look the same. But, they differ in their feel and behavior. Polling time. Which one is the best?

12 June 2000
The WORK and BIO sections went fresh again.

21 May 2000
Buckle up! The first full blown SNOUT MOVIE is finally online!
In his first adventure Snout is haunted by a terrible nightmare. Thank goodness his shrink does a sublime psycho analysis job on him. Guess who directed this sh*t!